Red-spotted Newt

By William T. Hathaway

Red-spotted Newt (Notopthalmus virescens)

Although the olive-green color of the adult newt is obvious in my photo, the red spots are not conspicuous in this underside view. I placed the adult newt in a large water-filled mayonnaise jar in order to get a close-up of the specimen, since the newts in the small lake zapped toward deeper water when approached. I also photographed the terrestrial stage of the newt, the Red Eft, as it stealthily crept along in the moist leaves of a nearby woodland area.

It was interesting how a few of the wading students came out of the shallow water with their bare feet and wading shoes coated with slimy, gelatinous eggs. Because the sticky newt eggs were almost impossible to separate from the socks, several students threw their socks away.