Two Snakes

By William T. Hathaway

Puff adder and garter snake

Here are two secretive creatures that may scare you out of your wits, come late spring. These reptiles are not aware of their supernatural powers to affect those of us who are well ensconced in the knowledge of devilish apparitions. There may be less harm to the snakes when an occasional two-legged animal, with an intelligent understanding of nature's serpents, happens by.

The top portrait depicts the ferocious reptile known as the puff adder, hissing adder, hognose snake, spread-head moccasin, etc. Fortunately, this dreaded varmint is not a venomous species but has a mild disposition despite its extraordinary behavior. The lower portrait shows the garter snake that suffers harm, because of its resemblance to the dreaded “moccasin” — an inappropriate and often misused name. However, the nonvenomous garter snake has a somewhat aggressive disposition and will deliver a striking blow if disturbed.

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