By William T. Hathaway

Bumblebee and Carpenter Bee

One of my fellow hikers said to his friend, “Don't touch them bumblebees.” In a moment's time his friend had latched on to the bumblebee and displayed the specimen in his open hand. Of course, the experienced members of the crew knew that a bumblebee could deliver a painful sting. However, his friend had knowingly grabbed the carpenter bee, which is incapable of producing a sting.

Bravissimo! The friend had managed to pull off another surprising stunt which elevated him into the realm of outdoor experts. In my top picture the bumblebee can be seen with a patch of yellow spread across the upper abdomen. In comparison, the carpenter bee (pictured below) has no yellow patch on its abdomen. This is one of those fascinating bits of information that makes it evermore fun to ramble in the boondocks.