A Lichen:
Colorful Specimen

By William T. Hathaway
A Lichen (Parmelia sp.)

Algae and fungi may combine to form an organism called Lichens. On close examination of the trees in most forests one would likely find hundreds of lichens clinging to the trunks and branches of trees. This specimen, photographed on a humid day, appeared gorged with moisture as a result of several days of high humidity. The color of most lichens is a dull gray. However, this species seems to have been an exception; its blue-green and yellow combination of colors caught my attention.

My lack of descriptive literature concerning lichens caused me to fall short of giving a specific scientific name to this specimen. As for the month and year that this photo was taken, only the month of August was legible on the color slide — the date of the year had faded away.

Also see this illustration in larger format.