Grapevine Beetle:
Atop White Oak Mountain

By William T. Hathaway
Grapevine Beetle (Pelidnota punctata)

Through the years, one of the favorite collecting spots in Pittsylvania County for beetle collectors was a gas station at the highest spot where U.S. 29 passes over White Oak Mountain. Bright lights were kept on until the wee hours of the morning — and sometimes until daylight. Grapevine beetles are attracted to night lights and often in large numbers. In May through August this species seemed always to be present during my visits to the site.

The Grapevine Beetles' relatively large size plus yellowish coloration always attract new collectors that may be with our collecting group. These beetles are easy to mount and make a neat display in any insect collection.

Adult Grapevine Beetles feed on grapevines, and their larvae on decaying wood.

This photo was made during the month of August 1969.

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