American Green Tree Frog:
Birdlike Voices

By William T. Hathaway

American Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea)

The roving editor of again sends photographs from South Carolina, this time of the American Green Tree Frog. He writes, “These little frogs can sound like baby birds chirping to be fed, geese in the distance, or some other raucous bird in a treetop nearby — even though they are a few feet away outside a window. The first photo is of a frog on a yucca blade, the other is of a frog clinging to a vertical door surface. For just an instant, when we first saw the door-clinging frog, we thought it was a sculpted door knocker — and then the ‘knocker’ jumped off and hopped away.”

American Green Tree Frogs are about 4–5 cm long as adults, and are found near watery places throughout the southern United States. Their range includes eastern Virginia, but they are not typically seen here in Pittsylvania County in the Piedmont area of central Virginia.

In the original photographs, both frogs were positioned vertically, with their heads up. (See the top and bottom photographs in larger format, and in their original aspect.)