Round-leaved Fameflower:
Color Splashed on Stone

By William T. Hathaway

Round-leaved Fameflower (Talinum teretifolium)

Since the Round-leaved Fameflower (Talinum teretifolium) has flowers that remain open for only a few hours in the afternoon, I consider myself lucky to have parked the car. Walking back to inspect a little stream site proved worthwhile. On a rocky outcrop alongside a stream there was a patch of small flowers dispersed in bunches. Never before had I witnessed the sight of small flowers radiating such beautiful colors. Not only was I impressed with the flowers, but the idea that clumps of wild flowers could grow vigorously on a granite-like stone surface — this triggered my imagination to consider the illimitable vagaries of nature.

This photo was dated June 5, 1989, clicked somewhere in Wake County, North Carolina.

(See also this photograph in larger format.)